The Pea Ridge Historical Society
Pea Ridge, Arkansas
Mission Statement & Goals

The Pea Ridge Historical Society exists to research, preserve, and communicate the history and heritage of the city of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, its citizens, institutions, and surrounding communities, especially the areas within the
Pea Ridge School District.
* * *
A primary goal of the Historical Society is to establish and operate a museum of Pea Ridge area history, as a means for preserving, publicly displaying, and interpreting historical records, artifacts, photos, maps, oral and video histories, and to acquire properties having historically significant value for the purpose of preservation.
* * *
A second major goal is to communicate the history and heritage of the Pea Ridge area to area citizens, to the State of Arkansas, and to persons and groups touring the area, utilizing various types of publications, presentations and media, producing and distributing such materials as are found to be appropriate and feasible.
* * *
The Historical Society seeks to coordinate it's efforts with other organizations, such as the Pea Ridge City Council, Pea Ridge School District, Pea Ridge National Military Park, and other organizations devoted to historical interests in Benton County and across Northwest Arkansas.

Pea Ridge Historical Society
P.O. Box 276
Pea Ridge, AR   72751-0276

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